• History of JWGOODS
  • The coffee tools developer

    Continue the delicacy of drinkware
    with long know-how


    pioneered the market for new coffee tools.
  • It was established in 2008 as the first generation of the tumbler business and has played a major
    role in the development and research of functionality of tumblers in Korea.
    Based on its long-standing know-how, JWGOODS is making utmost efforts to secure global
    competitiveness not only in Korea but also in the international coffee drinkware market
    by quickly researching and developing new products that meet the trends of the coffee drinkware market.

  • 2020

    Simmons, Babeans Coffee, Coffee Bean,
    Shake Shack, The alley, Eggslut, Dutch&Bean Coffee,
    Subway, Kellogs'and many other OEMs, ODMs,
    and B2B production and delivery products.


    Corporate conversion to JWGOODS, Inc. | July
    Kakao Friensd, Dunkin' Donuts, Paul Bassett,
    Line Friends, Amasvin Bubble Tea, The alley,
    Cafe Droptop, Hollys Coffee, Kellogs' and
    many other OEMs, ODMs, and B2B production
    and delivery products.


    Hollys Coffee, Yogurpresso, Dunkin Donuts,
    Gongcha Korea, Coffee Bean, Tous Les Jours,
    The Venti, Line Friends, Cinnabon Korea, Kakao IX
    and many other OEMs, ODMs, and B2B production
    and delivery products.


    Zamba Juice, A Twosome Place, Kakao Friends,
    Ediya Coffee and many other OEMs, ODMs, and
    B2B production and delivery products.


    Expansion of printing facilities such as silk screen
    and laser marking
    The office expansion relocation (facility upgrade)
    Ediya Coffee, Paul Bassett, Paris Baguette,
    Coffee Bay, Cafe Pascucci, 커피에 반하다
    A Twosome Place, Osulloc, Amore Pacific,
    Kakao Friends and many other OEMs, ODMs, and
    B2B production and delivery products.


    An Italian designer Alessandro Mendini's design
    work Tumbler (related to the SPC Group)
    Crispy Cream Donuts, Angel-in-us, Topresso,
    Burgerking, Caffe Bene,Ediya, Mango Six, Zamba Juice,
    Caffe Nescafe, Baskinrobins X Line Friends and many
    other OEMs, ODMs, B2B production and delivery products.


    Corporate conversion to Tamu, Inc. | February
    Development of patent for 'Heat Cup' in collaboration
    with Hansol Technics | April
    Venture Corporation Certification | November
    Angel-in-us,ZOO Coffee, Babeans Coffee,
    Bean&berries, Burgerking, Yogerpresso,
    Shilladutyfree, Topresso,Icebean,VDL
    and many more OEM, ODM, B2B production, delivery

  • Each part consists of experts in each field
    and provides professional services to you.


    Product Development Team

  • We plan new products that are not on the market and constantly plan and prepare them to show fresh and unique products. We also offer discussions and consulting to customers who want to develop new products, and help them develop high-quality products.

    Marketing ·Design Team

  • Develops and trendsetters a hit product that customers of all ages can satisfy. We continue to work to bring joy and satisfaction to a large number of customers by introducing trendy products. We also strive to become a friendly brand close to our customers through multi-faceted marketing.

    Distribution Team

  • It consists of people in charge of each step from top-notch self-restraint supply to mass production, and for the perfect product, it goes through manual inspection and product selection several times to achieve a satisfactory delivery based on trust.

    Online and Offline(overseas) Business Department

  • We strive to realize customer satisfaction in the B2B area with domestic online and offline product management, differentiated promotions and services. (entrusted sales / in-house sales / overseas sales, etc.)